As predicted, individuals in high places are using the incident at the Capitol on January 6 to impose further invasive measures to identify and track potential “domestic terrorists”. The pushers of the proposed Domestic Terrorist Act of 2021 compare the Capitol riot to the September 11 attacks and insists on an expansion of government surveillance at a level unmatched since the months following 9/11. At the same time, federal agencies are tapping into private hotel, transportation and tech companies to cast a wide net of privacy intrusion in order to identify potential suspects of the incident. This is yet another step in the direction of a dystopian Surveillance State. 

To get a better understanding of what a world of out-of-control government surveillance would look like, we dig in to some proposals by the World Economic Forum for RFID human tracking systems and take a look at how China currently controls its citizens through a mass system of surveillance. 

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Was Capitol Riot Catalyst for a Surveillance State?

Feds Recruit Private Companies as Soldiers in Surveillance State

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